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Why Use a Foam Gun

Apr. 10, 2021

Why Use a Foam Gun

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When you wash your car, these devices just help you apply soap, and soap is a key ingredient to safely remove dirt. Enough soap can help the dirt slide off the car, but the challenge is that sometimes it is difficult to apply enough soapy water with car wash gloves and car wash bucket alone.

Traditionally, most people you talk to might fill a bucket with soapy water, spray down their car, and then use gloves to make circular motions on the surface. This may cause swirl marks.

Swirl marks are basically tiny circular scratches that are produced when you rub a very dirty surface with washing gloves. When you break it down, the soil is actually just made up of tiny jagged particles (rocks and other debris).

Even if there is some foam on your gloves, sometimes there is not enough lubrication to prevent large dust particles from scratching your clean coat when you apply pressure.

Advantages of using foam

One of the reasons some caregivers prefer to use foam guns is that the foam produced helps break down heavy dust without stirring.

By applying soap bubbles with zero agitation, you don't even need to touch the paint, and a thick layer of dirt can start to flow down the surface of the vehicle.

Stirring is the best way to remove dirt, but if there is a lot of dirt to deal with, it will also increase the chance of vortex marks.

Starting with foam, you can reduce the risk by removing most of the dirt, and then rinse again with a second layer of foam and washing gloves.

What is a foam gun?

A foam gun is basically a device that connects to your standard garden hose adapter and a special sprayer to a tank. This is really perfect for people who have not visited the pressure washer (or would rather not drag it out) when cleaning in the driveway.

How to apply foam to your car

In order to best prevent swirl marks, the correct use of foam is very important. Before starting to use, make sure to use the foam in a cool place or in direct sunlight to prevent the foam from drying out.

Fill the container of the foam gun with foam (according to the equipment instructions), and connect the foam gun to the hose.

Step 1: flush the car

Rinse your car first with water only to remove any dirt and loose debris on the surface. Never apply soap to dry, unlubricated surfaces.

Step 2: apply a thin layer of foam

Apply a layer of foam to a part of your car and let it run in your car for about 20 to 30 seconds. This could be the hood, door panel, or trunk. I find that group assignments are usually easier.

Step 3: rinse off the foam

Without touching the car, rinse off the foam with clean water, and then continue to step 4.

Step 4: apply a second layer of foam and rinse with gloves (optional)

Step 4 basically repeats step 2. The only difference is that this time you need to wash the gloves with soap behind soapy water to help slide the dirt off the car. For best results, soak the gloves in a bucket of clean water along the way before adding more soapy water to avoid trapping dirt (two-step process).

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