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What Is a Spray Gun

Jan. 29, 2021

What Is a Spray Gun

The spray gun is the core element of industrial surface treatment.

A spray gun is a device that can be applied or spread over a surface with a pneumatic spray paint or varnish.

These spray guns can be used to spray on any type of surface or substrate, whether metal, wood, stone, clay (ceramic), porcelain, plastic, glass or textile.

The spray gun is therefore an essential tool for any type of manufacturing and painting service, as it allows for the industrial finishing of its products in an economical and efficient manner.

The spray gun was invented by Dr. Allen Devilbiss in the United States in 1888. His son then went on to develop the invention, producing the first spray gun using compressed air.

The development of spray gun technology continues to this day.

Spray Gun

For the vast majority of industrial finishing work, a spray gun must be used. In short, it is the best choice for price and production speed.

How the spray gun works

In short, coating spraying occurs when the paint is applied to an object (the surface to be painted) through a compressed air gun.

When the trigger is pressed, the paint mixes with a stream of compressed air (though not in some systems) and is released as a fine mist.

The consistency and pattern of the paint can be defined and adjusted by the correct use of the cup or tank in which the paint is placed and the selected nozzle.

Regardless of which spraying technique is used, it is important to remove the nozzle of the spray gun frequently to clean it to prevent it from clogging with dry paint marks.

Advantages of spray gun

Allow paint to be spread evenly over the surface

Allows efficient spraying of different types of surfaces (even irregular or rough surfaces)

Save time and production costs

Can be configured for automatic use

There is good diversification for specific applications

There are different ways to configure each gun, depending on the need for completion

Every automotive professional knows that when using a spray gun for car washing and ceiling cleaning, it helps to gently lift dirt and grime off paint or chrome surfaces, avoiding harmful scratches. Our spray gun can turn any car wash into a foam party, leaving your paint and chrome gloss intact. The professional ceiling cleaning spray gun is widely used to clean car flannelette seats, carpets, floor mats and ceilings, and quickly remove dirt.

How to wash a car with an spray gun?

Spray gun cleaner can make car washing a fun game for your family. See if your child is excited about this easy-to-use high-pressure cleaner. Connect the standard hose and start. No additional equipment or heavy machinery is required. Connect, spray and start!

Product features

This high-pressure water gun is ideal for car cleaning, floor cleaning, gardening, etc.

The cleaner gun can also work under different pressures, engineering grade plastics and quality metals. The top and pipe connectors are made of brass.

Ergonomic handle, comfortable to use, with a lock pin to maintain water flow.

Durable, the best choice is to use for a long time.

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