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Tips For Cleaning The Spray Foam Gun

Apr. 25, 2021

Tips For Cleaning The Spray Foam Gun

Foam spray guns can make homeowners' dreams come true. When they want to provide more effective insulation for their home, foam can fill any space to reduce air loss and increase sound absorption. This gun allows you to inject foam wherever you want, which is convenient and precise. You can even choose several different types of foam spray guns, each with its own benefits.

The spray foam gun may be a dream come true, but like any dream, it requires some work and effort from you. Your tool may be the most advanced, but like any machinery and equipment, if it is not kept clean, it will not work as you wish. Fortunately, this task is not difficult, as long as you have the correct knowledge. The following are some tips for proper maintenance of the foam spray gun.

Clean after daily use

For many people, cleaning foam spray guns seems to be an obvious necessity. It may not be obvious how often to clean, we recommend doing it after daily use. We say day of use instead of use because you may use and put down the spray gun multiple times during a day's work. After each spray, you hardly need to clean it. However, you should still allow some time for spray foam gun maintenance near or after the working day.

In fact, you don’t even need to do it as often as we suggest. Before urgent care is needed, the foam spray gun can be used normally for a few days. Nevertheless, we still strongly recommend that, especially beginners, this should be done to make it a habit. When they run out of spray guns, one of their first and most nagging thoughts will be, "I should clean this up as soon as possible." This exercise may be a bit too sensible, but it can be a good motivation.

It is important to develop this habit, because cleaning foam spray guns may feel a little tedious. You may need a special solvent to remove any traces and residues without damaging the tool. In addition, when you want to perform a true deep cleaning, you may need to use multiple separate utensils and cleaners for the many parts that make up the device. When you make it a part of your daily life, it may feel less annoying and more like a part of work.

Learn how to clean every item

The maintenance of the spray foam gun is more than simply cleaning the outside and tip of the nozzle.

Now, you don't need to take care of the internal parts after each use, as we suggested above. In other words, you should do it every once in a while. In particular, if you do not plan to use this gun for the time being, you must thoroughly clean these parts. We know how dirty tools can become during long periods of storage. Any dirt that already exists can get worse, leading to malfunctions and degradation.

The challenge here is that many pieces are small and fragile. They still need to be cleaned, but you need to be more careful when handling them than when handling wooden barrels. If you are under too much pressure or use the wrong material, you may need to spend money to replace parts, or even a new foam spray gun. Take time to learn, and then practice with your heart. When every part is cleaned, the gun is just like new.

Remember to wash the utensils

Many people use a special brush when handling dirty dishes, cups, cutlery and other utensils in the kitchen sink. In addition to applying soap, brushes are almost always used to scrape off any dirt. However, after being scrubbed off, these sticky things sometimes stick to the bristles—especially non-solid things such as mustard. You certainly don't want to spill mustard on your plates, cups, cutlery and utensils. So, you wash the brush.

Anyone who practices spray foam gun maintenance should extend the same philosophy to brushes and other cleaning tools. The entire purpose of these tools is to remove residues and contaminants. However, if you are not careful, you may also end up using these same tools to spread them. Obviously, this would defeat their purpose. You can't clean something with something that isn't clean by itself.

This advice is worth remembering. Of course, your focus should be mainly on your foam spray gun. However, at least every once in a while, check your tools and disinfect them. This approach may require some extra work, but it will improve the quality and life of the spray foam gun. Finally, this is the whole content of spray foam gun maintenance.

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