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The Cleaning Method Of Car Tire

Dec. 09, 2020

The Cleaning Method Of Car Tire

Many car owners take great care of their cars and will often wash, wax, and put on their car jackets when parked to keep their cars clean at all times.

It is easier to make the car body as bright as new, as long as you wash the car frequently, but it is a bit difficult to keep the tires clean at all times. The tire is the closest part of the car to the ground, so it is easy to be contaminated with dust and dirt. In addition, the tire itself is a rubber product, which is more troublesome to clean, not like a painted surface.

Car washing can make the whole car look as clean as new. Cleaning tires and rims is a correct choice and method. At the same time, this is also a very important key to tire maintenance. However, because these areas are often full of dirt, many people use a very hard brush to fix it all at once, and the result is usually not worth the loss. So, how can we clean this part correctly and quickly?

Before washing the tires, prepare a tire cleaning brush with a long handle so that it can be washed thoroughly. When washing the front wheel, if you can turn the steering wheel left and right, you can wash everything more easily. If the tires are not too dirty, you don't need to spend money to buy a special detergent, just wash it with a common detergent. Unless there is really too much dirt, it may cost a little money.

Tire Cleaning Brush

In addition, you can’t just use a brush to wash your tires. Of course, you need to use a brush, but you can’t use it on a chrome-plated mirror-treated rim. This will leave obvious scars. The general principle is to use a sponge when washing large parts and a brush for small areas. For example: both sides of the tire can be brushed vigorously with a brush. As for some less obvious places, such as the underside of the fuel tank, the exhaust pipe, etc., because they are not obvious and easy to be overlooked, you can use detergent and brush to brush vigorously when cleaning.

The exhaust pipe can be cleaned with a sponge, without using a brush. In the appearance of the car, as long as this part (the tire and the part below the knee) is cleaned, even if there are some small stains in other parts, the whole car still looks bright and bright. On the contrary, it is not so good. So we must not think that this part is not important, in fact this part is the focus of the entire car cleaning.

It is best to note that tools for cleaning tires, wheels, and steel rims should not be combined with tools for cleaning other parts. Because this part is very dirty, there may be some dust or small sand left on the tool. If you wash other parts of the body, it may cause damage to the body. If you have to use the tools together, you must at least do the proper treatment before proceeding, otherwise the car body scratches will not be worth the loss.

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