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Precautions For Car Washing

Mar. 22, 2021

Precautions For Car Washing

Car washing is one of the most basic maintenance measures. Car washing is to remove the sludge on the car body, the pollutants in the air, as well as the guano, carcass and other stains, to avoid the corrosion and oxidation of these stains on the paint. Take rainwater as an example. Industrial emissions and automobile exhaust acidify rainwater and cause great corrosion to automobile paint. Therefore, the best way to protect the paint surface is to develop the habit of car washing.

Cars should be washed and waxed frequently. After the road salting season is over, thoroughly clean the bottom of the car, and pay attention to the following points when cleaning the car:

⑴ The longer the salt, dust, insects, bird droppings and other debris stick to the car, the greater the damage to the car, and it should be cleaned in time.

⑵ When washing the car with water, be careful not to spray water into the keyhole.

⑶ If the car is sent to the automatic washing equipment for cleaning, the car with the roof antenna does not need to remove the antenna.

⑷ There are asphalt, oil stains, industrial dust or insects on the corpse. If it takes too long, they will damage the paint. Use asphalt stain remover, insect remover, etc. to remove stains.

⑸ When cleaning the paint surface of the car body, do not use brushes, coarse cloths, etc., so as not to leave scratches.

⑹When cleaning, spray with scattered water stream to make the hard dust and mud penetrate and be impacted, and then use a sponge to scrub from top to bottom. Finally wipe off the water stains with deerskin.

⑺ When cleaning the engine room, be careful not to splash water on electrical system components, such as distributors and ignition coils. Otherwise, the engine will be difficult to start. If water splashes on the electrical parts, wipe it with a dry cloth or blow it with compressed air, and remove the moisture in the distributor cover.

⑻ After washing the car or driving in deep water, the brake parts are soaked, which may reduce the braking effect. You should lightly step on the brake to judge the effect of the brake. If the brakes are not normal, run at low speed when stepping on the brakes to dry the brakes.

Equipment needed for car washing:

1. Professional car wash liquid. The choice of car wash is the most important link, and a neutral car wash should be chosen. Acidic or alkaline cleaners are corrosive to car paint. The more popular car wash wax (waxing car wash liquid) is a good choice.

2. Cleaning spray gun. Using a flush gun can greatly improve efficiency and reduce physical output.

3. Two car wash buckets with filters at the bottom. The purpose of the filter is to allow the sediment to settle and prevent the wiped sediment from being brought back to the human body.

4. Special car wash gloves. There is nothing to say about the protection of the opponent.

5. Multi-function detailing brush.

6. Fine fiber absorbent towel.

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