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Jiayue Released New Products

Nov. 21, 2020

In November 2020, Jiayue released new products.

On November 11, 2020, Jiayue released a new product-car waxing series.

Many people don't know much about car waxing and they think that Car Waxing has no effect. In fact, it is wrong, the advantages of car waxing are explained below.

Glazing effect

Glazing is the most basic function of car wax. After waxed vehicles, they can improve the brightness of the surface and restore the bright color of the car body.

Waterproof and acid rain protection

Due to the protection of car wax, the amount of water droplets attached to the car body is reduced, and the effect is very obvious.

Anti-high temperature effect

The car paint is prone to aging and fading when the car is outside all year round and is exposed to high temperature light. The film formed by waxing can effectively reflect light and prevent the incident light from aging and fading the paint surface or base paint.

Anti-static effect

The static electricity of the car comes from the fiber fabric in the car and the friction between air dust and the car body during driving. Static electricity often causes a lot of inconvenience. Car wax effectively blocks the body and dust, reducing the generation of static electricity.

Anti-ultraviolet effect

The anti-ultraviolet effect of the car wax is parallel to its anti-high temperature effect. Because of the characteristics of ultraviolet rays, it is easy to refract the ultraviolet light into the paint surface. The anti-ultraviolet car wax fully considers this characteristic to make it Infringement of the car watch is minimized.

Grinding and polishing effect

When there are shallow scratches on the paint surface, grinding and polishing car wax can be used, which will not damage the car paint.

Also included this time is the Jiayue "Healthy New Year" gift package. We launch New Year's activities in advance at a low cost to benefit the majority of car owners. We hope that their cars will be better cared for.

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