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Is Tire Waxing Harmful To Car Tires?

Sep. 26, 2021

tire waxing brush

Tire Waxing Brush

What are tires afraid of?

Do we know what tire rubber is usually afraid of? Fear of ultraviolet rays in the sun, acid and alkali substances, and chemical corrosive substances.

In addition, as an organic substance, rubber is also very afraid of encountering ‘organic solvents’. The so-called organic solvents refer to those chemical agents that can dissolve organic matter. Although the composition of the tire is very complicated, after all, the outermost side of the tire is still rubber. Therefore, all chemicals that may come into contact with tire maintenance must be careful and careful. The most organic solvents we can come into contact with in daily life are ethanol (medical alcohol), methanol (industrial "fire spirit"), gasoline, banana water, and so on.


We put a drop of alcohol on the tire rubber, and after leaving it for a period of time, the color of the rubber part that touches the alcohol will change and the black will fade. In fact, it is for this reason. Because organic solvents have a certain effect on rubber.


Stop hurting your tires with Vaseline!

Vaseline is a typical case of wrong tire protection, and other rubber parts of automobiles are not applicable. On some well-known auto websites, even some famous automakers, KOLs, etc. have said that the cheapest maintenance agent for car tires and rubber parts is actually Vaseline. Because petroleum jelly is a lubricant, it can effectively infiltrate the rubber surface and soften the rubber, so it has a good protective effect.


But today I want to correct this point very seriously! In fact, petroleum jelly is extracted from petroleum and contains hydrocarbon components itself, which is an organic solvent! In fact, Vaseline will slowly penetrate into the rubber when it is in contact with rubber for a long time. There is no problem in the short term, but it will cause the rubber to accelerate aging for a long time, and the gain is not worth the loss.


How should I protect my tires?

Since petroleum jelly is not suitable for tires and automobile rubber parts, how do we find a reliable rubber protective agent? In fact, in the professional industrial field, the rubber lubricating maintenance agent most commonly used by engineers is dimethyl silicone oil. WHAT? Haven't heard the name? Don't worry, you must have heard of us in another way! ——Medical silicone oil! In fact, medical silicone oil has been widely used to protect rubber seals in medical machinery and high-precision equipment.

In the medical field, silicone oil has indeed been widely used as a rubber lubricant (hence the name "Medical Silicone"). For example, condoms for family planning products are in direct contact with the skin and must be elastic and tough. Objects that are not allowed to be brittle and fractured are not allowed to use swelling solvents as lubricants. Therefore, its lubricant is medical silicone oil.


The professional tool you need to use-Tire Waxing Brush

tire waxing brush

When you buy the correct tire wax, you must be short of a professional tire waxing brush. It is used for tyre waxing, interior cleaning and waxing, which is convenient and quick and improves work efficiency. Don't know what is the best Tire Waxing Brush? Don't worry, take a look at Surpass Auto Tire Waxing Brush. It has:

1. High-density sponge

Using high-density sponge, good flexibility, strong absorption capacity, and not easy to damage.


2. The whole adopts high-strength plastic, which is durable and has a long service life.


3. Handle design.

The handle design is ergonomic, comfortable, easy to use, and easy to store.


If you are interested in them, do not hesitate to contact us freely! We are waiting for your consultation at any time.

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