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How To Use And Maintain The Spray Gun Correctly

Dec. 23, 2020

How To Use And Maintain The Spray Gun Correctly

Whether it is automatic paint spraying machine, wooden door paint spraying machine and other painting equipment, or manual painting, spray guns must be used, but what should be done before spray guns are used? Newly bought spray guns are usually coated with anti-corrosion oil and must be cleaned before use. Remove the nozzle and put it in a cup of thinner to clean it. This cup of thinner can be reserved for cleaning after use. Carefully clean the grease and metal debris on the threads of the nozzle and other parts. Fill the paint cup with half a cup of warm soapy water, then install it on the spray gun, shake it vigorously to clean the paint cup and siphon. Use the spray gun to spray soapy water to clean the internal pipeline of the spray gun. Finally, use nitrocellulose lacquer thinner or alcohol to wash off the dirt that cannot be washed off by soap and water. When using the spray gun to spray paint, remember to wear gloves, breathing apparatus and operate in a well-ventilated place.

Note: The experienced painter can clean the spray gun with as little thinner or solvent as possible. Whether it is a spray gun that has been sprayed with nitrocellulose or water-based paint, it can be cleaned with 1 ounce of thinner or water. It is very wasteful to use a spray gun to spray thinner to clean the nozzle. It should be replaced with a soft brush to clean the thinner after removing the nozzle. After repeated cleaning several times, dry the paint cup and pelvis for storage. After multiple cleanings, the thinner used for cleaning will become very dirty and unusable. Remember not to pour the waste thinner directly into the sink or spill it outside. If there is not much waste thinner, the best way is to let it evaporate naturally, or you can spray it on an exhaust fan used for painting to evaporate. Be careful not to allow excessive accumulation of flammable thinner vapor in the enclosed space to avoid explosion in fire.

Especially the spray gun used in the automatic paint spraying machine equipment must pay attention to the degreasing and cleaning work before use, and pay more attention to cleaning up after use. The spray gun is directly related to the effect and quality of a spray paint machine after spraying.

Key points for spray gun use and maintenance

(1) Frequently check the needle valve, gasket, and air valve gasket seals for leaks, and replace them in time if there is leakage; oil should be applied to the sealing gaskets frequently to make them soft and facilitate sliding.

(2) The thread of the air cap of the gun, the spray volume adjustment knob and the air adjustment knob should be frequently oiled to ensure flexible movement; the spray gun thimble and the spring of the air valve should also be coated with lubricating oil to prevent rust and facilitate sliding.

(3) Do not disassemble the spray gun at will. When disassembling is necessary, it should be noted that there should be no rubbish and paint stuck to the rectangular parts. The air cap and nozzle must not be damaged in any way. After assembly, adjust to the original appearance, pull the trigger to test the air and paint The squirting effect.

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(4) The spray gun should be thoroughly inspected before use to ensure that the spray gun is in good condition.

(5) The spray gun should avoid hitting the painted object or falling on the ground, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and become unusable.

(6) When the work is suspended, the gun head of the spray gun should be immersed in the solvent to prevent the coating from drying out and blocking the nozzle; but the entire spray gun should not be completely immersed in the solvent, which will damage the sealing gaskets of various parts and cause leakage. Gas and paint leakage phenomenon.

(7) The spray gun should be cleaned in time after use, otherwise the paint channel will be blocked (especially 2K paint), it will be difficult to clean in the future, or even can no longer be used. After cleaning the spray gun, connect the paint tube and compressed air tube for test spraying, and adjust the fan surface of the spray gun. The fan angle of the manual air spray gun is 70-80 degrees. If there is any problem, report to repair in time.

The most important thing to maintain the spray gun is to clean it in time after use. This is the best preventive measure to prevent the spray gun from malfunctioning.

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