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How To Clean The Spray Gun Properly?

May. 25, 2021

How To Clean The Spray Gun Properly?

Correct spray gun cleaning

1. When you clean the paint gun, leave the cap on it. This will make it impossible to remove the paint from the inside of the cap and on the tip of the fluid-these things accumulate time!

Do this: Remove the cap and use a flowing brush to remove the paint from the inside of the cap and the tip of the fluid-pay attention to the small holes in the "horns" of the air cap-if they are clogged, your spray mode is TOAST!

2. When you are cleaning the gun, don't worry about the liquid entering the air passage.

When the water-based cleaning fluid is repeatedly dried in the air channel, it will cause corrosion, and the flakes that will eventually fall off will directly enter your paint job...

Do this: During the cleaning process, always quickly disconnect the compressed air to the base of the gun. This "seals-out" the liquid, and when you trigger the spray gun during the cleaning process, it can help flush the inside of the spray gun, where the fluid and air gather together to atomize the paint.

3. Before cleaning the paint gun, clean it with a solvent. Using any kind of solvent (thinner, ammonia, rain, degreaser, etc.) will make the waterborne paint gun more viscous. When you clean the gun with waterborne cleaning fluid, it will be more difficult to get out of the gap in the liquid channel.

You can do this: After pulling out the muzzle, pour the remaining paint in the gun into the waste bucket. Then pre-rinse the paint gun with water, and then pour the paint gun into the waste barrel too! Be sure to "trigger" the gun and let some of the rinse come out of the fluid tip.

4. Don't worry, if some paint remains in the liquid channel after cleaning-the paint that passes through the next layer will wash it away. Waterborne paint is completely different! When it dries, it hardens and piles up, and it is almost impossible to disperse it with waterborne cleaning fluids.

Do this: If you see paint on the cup connector area or fluid tip after cleaning, please continue cleaning! If the paint still does not come off, tear off the gun and use acetone to do a detailed cleaning of the paint gun manufacturer’s recommendations.

5. When you finish cleaning the gun, be sure to "chase" the clean gun with a little solvent, and leave a little thinner in the gun to keep the seal, the o-ring and the remaining paint soft. This is a habit that many of us have developed when using solvent paint guns, and the opposite is true for waterborne guns. Clean and dry are always best.

Do this: hang up when you are sure that the paint gun is clean and dry (internal and external)-it is ready for next use.

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