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How to choose the right detailing brush?

May. 11, 2021

How to choose the right detailing brush?

1. The bristles need to be medium. If hard, they will damage the car painting.

2. Pull the bristles of the brush by hand, if they fall off easily, the quality will be poor.

3. When the brush is used with a chemical liquid, the bad brush is easy to fall off after being used with the liquid.

4. High-quality brushes look more smooth and density.

A true artist always needs to select high-quality brushes, right? That's why we have developed a complete selection of advanced brushes over the years. Brushes are important tools, and they can not only reach areas that other parts of your car care package cannot. However, they can even better master the professional-level skills that are often forgotten. Here are some professional tips to help you create a masterpiece.

Fuel caps and flaps

What is the first thing a competent detailer needs to do before cleaning? Of course they will open the fuel cap. Admittedly, this is a trivial matter, but many people have overlooked it. Inside the flap, and around the flap, is one of the biggest dirt traps on any car-this often becomes obvious when washing with a high-pressure washer, because clean water will wash away grit, dirt, and fuel deposits...then they will slip off the paint you just washed. Fortunately, the solution is simple.

Internal door

Removing dirt and debris trapped in door frames and door frames is what most people do during cleaning and maintenance, but you will be surprised to find how many people forget to clean the inside of the door.

Weather strips

Thorough decontamination of weather strips and window decorations is not only for protection-not to mention preventing common scratches that may occur on the window glass-but also to make your decoration beautiful and flawless. Perhaps even more. Over time, the rubber weather strip will degrade, not only will it lose the effective seal between the door and the glass, but it will also become a breeding ground for rough grit and road dirt. In the cleaning phase, proper use of brushes to agitate and remove contaminants can limit the decomposition of rubber and reduce the risk of external glass damage when opening and closing windows.

Engine bay

Even the dirty bay of the engine--especially in the more complicated areas off, in the slam panel and headlights, and even the bottom of the hat--can bring back to life except for the Auto Detailing Brushes Wholesale. In all these difficult areas, the key to maximizing the cleaning power of the solution is stirring.


We all know that in dry conditions, bristles are very suitable for dust removal in hard-to-reach and most complex areas such as buttons, heating vents, and steering columns. It is worth remembering that many vehicles used daily can be as dirty as their exterior, even if it is not immediately obvious to the eyes. Under normal circumstances, you will find that plastics and trim loaded with nasties, such as dead skin, natural body oils, bacteria and viruses, and usually dirt and a small amount of cosmetics. The only effective way to remove these is a thorough deep clean.


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