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How Do Foam Gun Work?

Jun. 22, 2021

How Do Foam Gun Work?

You have seen photos of cars with thick, white shaving cream dripping on them, like foam. You often think: "How do they do it?" The secret is: foam gun! Foam gun is a kind of car washing equipment that mixes a proper amount of car washing soap, water and air to produce thick foam, and then sprays them onto your car with the power of a high-pressure washing machine.

The high-pressure washing machine is great. They take water from your garden hose, use a small electric or gas engine to drive a water pump, and spray the water out at extremely high pressure. People use it to do all kinds of things, but when it is connected with a foam gun, it will spray a lot of foam, making any driveway look like a winter wonderland.

The thick foam can lubricate the surface of your car, allowing your washing gloves to slide on the surface without whirlpools or scratches. You can use gas or electric pressure to launch amazing bubbles, but generally speaking, we have the best gas pressure washing machines. They may be louder, heavier, bigger, and more expensive, but if you are like us, then you will never buy enough soapy water! This is how it works:

We always use warm water because it helps to aerate the mixture better. Reconnect to the head of the foam gun.

spray gun

Spray gun

After adding soap and water to your foam gun, simply reconnect it to your pressure washer gun and get the spray!

Generally speaking, we like to apply a thick layer of soapy water on the car and then rinse it off with gloves. Simply apply a coating to your car, let the foam sit for a few minutes. Watch the dust and dirt slide down your car like magic. Then, rinse our car with clean water. This simple step helps reduce the chance of scratches and swirls caused by installation cleaning.

Now, here comes the interesting step: paint your car again! Spray another layer of super-thick car wash foam. If you want, you can even play in it! But don't forget to wipe off the remaining dirt and debris with washing gloves. Use two buckets to further avoid scratches and swirls.

After scrubbing, be sure to rinse your car again to remove the dirt and foam remaining on your car. Finally, use a super soft towel to dry your car, just like you do in any other cleaning. Foaming is not only fun, but it also protects your car from whirlpools and scratches, so whether you are cleaning your grocery getter or your classic exhibition car, your ride will always look best and shine!

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