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Engine Cleaning Spray Gun

Mar. 08, 2021

Engine Cleaning Spray Gun

It is specially developed for the parts and gaps inside the engine that are not easy to clean. The reagent is driven by a strong air flow, and the reagent is atomized and cleaned by the sharp gun tip. There are some features about Engine Cleaning Spray Gun.

1. Can rotate 360 degrees

The cleaning tube can be rotated 360 degrees, bends freely, is soft and flexible, has no dead ends, and cleans thoroughly.

2. The design of the muzzle

The sharp nozzle design of the gun head can compress the output of the passing agent after strong compression, so that the pressure is higher, the atomization is more uniform, and the engine is not damaged.

3. Metal steel gun

The gun body is made of high-quality steel, which can withstand greater pressure, high power, and higher work efficiency.

4. Large capacity of 1000 ml

The body is made of high-quality PE material. Anti-drop and abrasion resistance, large capacity of 1000ml.

5. Handling the design

Aluminum alloy handle, design follows ergonomics, comfortable grip, flexible use, sturdy and durable.

6. Adjustable switch

Adjustable switch design can adjust the output size according to actual needs to improve efficiency.

And its advantage is that the air flow is stable and the atomization effect is good.

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Engine Cleaning Spray Gun

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